Heat Recovery Ventilation

Save Money With A Heat Recovery Ventilation System

The key to a heat recovery ventilation system is that airway is not exchanged. Both the stale air and the fresh air is processed separately. While it removes the stale air it helps with removing humidity. This unit is practical in that it also removes, from the stale air, heat. There is no noise as per guidelines that have to be followed by standard regulations. This is a major factor to take into consideration as it will surely be reflected on your heating bills. One company who manufactures this unit is claiming that they can save you 95% of lost heat that normally goes out your window.

Air-to-Air heat exchangers removes stale air replacing it with outside, clean air. The eliminates having to throw open your windows in the winter just to recirculate the air in your home. Newer homes today or even homes that have undergone extensive renovations tend to hold air and other pollutants in so I consider this an important feature. In addition, humidity is removed from the air so there will no longer be the need for a separate dehumidifier. This, saving energy required by your home. Humidity can damage a home with mildew or even mold and this system works to help prevent that.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Mechanical Heat recovery ventilation systems removes contaminants out of the air in your home by not recycling stale air. The air in your home with be circulated more in line with what experts recommend, which is at least eight times. If you cannot replace your current system, you can buy units that fit into the wall. But, they will only purify the air in the room in which they are installed, whereby a larger model will clean the air in every room. You can purchase a unit for under $1,000 which is a fair price for the benefits you will receive.

The vent axia heat recovery unit can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling. It too cleanses the air and delivers clean fresh air into the home. You have six settings in which to choose from and allows the owner to customize to settings they prefer. There is a washable filter, so you will not need to purchase filters semi-annually like you may for your furnace, which helps to keep costs down along with the unit being energy efficient to begin with. This unit can be brought for under $800.00.

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