House Ventilator

Lets Move Some Air Through This House

Ventilation is extremely important in all houses, houses need to be able to breathe. Ventilation is the exchange of indoor air with outdoor air and is needed to reduce the indoor moisture, odors and other pollutants.

Ventilation can be done in several ways, the easiest way to ventilate is just by opening the doors or windows inside of the house. During rigid winters and scorching summers this is almost impossible to do without raising the costs of either the heating or the cooling bills. Therefore there are other solutions that you are able to take that are both cost efficient and energy saving. Ventilation is also important anywhere a boiler or any gas appliance is in use. Doghouses that house your most precious pets should also be properly ventilated.

House Ventilator

A house must have the proper type and combination of vents and fans in unoccupied parts of the house, these spaces generally are the attic and crawlspaces. Whole house ventilation generally is done with use of one or more fans and a duct system to exhaust polluted air and supply fresh air the the house. There are four different types of house ventilator systems which are exhaust, supply, balanced and energy recovery ventilation systems. Exhaust systems force the inside air out of the house. Supply systems force outside air into the home. Balanced systems force equal amounts of air in and out of the house. The Energy recovery systems transfer heat from incoming or outgoing air to minimize energy loss.

Ventilating under the house is also important, when buying a system to do this you will decrease the radon levels and stop mold and fungus from growing. A new product out is called Vent the Crawl Zeus unit which tackles the problem of stale air under the house. It keeps the air flowing and it constantly keeps fresh air moving through your crawl space area. The unit has a moisture scrubber, vent adaptor and a replacement cover, it is durable and runs off a volt AC motor.

Ventilation is also important wherever there are gas burning appliances that need air to burn and need to be able to get rid of the burnt gas.

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