Industrial Wall Exhaust Fan

Choosing The Right Industrial Wall Exhaust Fan For Your Particular Needs

Many people are choosing today to use an industrial wall exhaust fan not just in their place of business, but also in their own shed, garage, or home. If you have been concerned about excess heat, water vapor, or odor in your kitchen or bathroom, you might consider one of the many varieties that are available on the market today. For example, if you want to better ventilate a first floor room, you might consider a wall mounted exhaust fan that goes right through your wall to the external side of your house. This kind is particularly useful when you have no way to vent up through the attic.

Mounted on an exterior side wall, an industrial wall exhaust fan can reduce heat accumulation as well as chemical or contaminant build-up that could cause illness or lower productivity. In your home, comfort is greatly increased when you can efficiently control the heat and humidity that can build up. The Aura Fan Ventilator system reduces energy consumption by operating both as a passive ventilator and a motorized fan. Whether you install it as a roof mounted exhaust system or go thru the wall, you can cool your whole house if you place it as close as you can to your source of heat or odor.

Industrial Wall Exhaust Fan

In addition to wall mounted kitchen or bath fans, a good industrial wall exhaust fan will come in a variety of sizes that you can adapt to your specific needs. The Aura offers a small 4" diameter model AF-04-C6 for $50.00 and a monster exhaust fan, AF-48-C6 that is 48" in diameter for $3000.00. In between are several medium sizes as well. When the motor is turned off, the fan acts as a ventilator, with outside breezes passively drawing heat and odors from your rooms. This makes this a very energy efficient system.

Some folks prefer a window mount style to an industrial wall exhaust fan. Alibaba offers a high performance fan with a quiet motor and a built-in thermal fuse. The HAE35-10E is a household/commercial exhaust fan with its own magnetic front shutter. This little square fan is only 4"/100mm in size, but it can remove both odor and water vapor from places like your bathroom or kitchen. Regardless the type of fan system that you decide to buy, if it is externally mounted or exposed, you will want to invest in an inexpensive exhaust fan cover to protect your investment. The Thermwell EC108 cover, made by Frost King, isone kind of plastic shield with built-in magnets. It is weather resistant and cleans up with just soap and water. It will keep out the bugs and the cold air when your fan is not in use. Whether you simply want to cool your rooms down, or you wish to remove water vapor, unpleasant odors, or chemical contaminants, there is a size and mounting system exhaust fan for your specific needs.

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