Whole House Window Fan

A Cool House For Half The Price-Whole House Fans

Cooling a house can be quite expensive when using the average air conditioning unit, but there is a solution for most that is cost efficient and easy to install. Whole house window fans are becoming more common in households and are saving families on the average 50% on their cooling bill, people that live in the northern states can even save as much as 90%. The way Whole house cooling works is when the temperature outside drops lower than the temperature inside your house the unit will draw the cool air from outside, the hot air is then drawn through the fan and out the attic through the vents in the roof and attic. Whole house fans are sometimes confused with attic fans, the main difference is attic fans cool only the attic whereas the whole house does exactly as its name states, cools the entire house, by opening the windows the fan is able to blow the cool air through the rooms.

There are several different brands and models of Window Fans on the market that are available for purchase. Tamarack Technologies is one brand that offers a good selection of whole house window fan products. They make an HV1000 series which can cool houses up to 1500 square feet, and every sixteen minutes the fan circulates the air completely through the house. They also have the HV1600 that is a 2 speed fan, low speed does the same as the HV1000 model and the high speed will circulate the air in 7.5 minutes compared to the 16 minutes for a 1500 square foot house.

Whole House Window Fan

The HV series also does not need any maintenance and are insulated. When the fan isn't on, the doors of the fan are sealed air tight. There is also the top of the line Super-fan that is manufactured by R.E. Williams, this fan is powerful and quiet, it is able to absorb four rooms at one time. It is also the only fan that you can attach to a 12 inch duct to if you do not have the required free area of roof venting.

Environmental issues are at an all time high, with most of society and companies trying to go green and to conserve energy. The whole house window fan is a definitely a machine that can help with conserving energy and save you money on your cooling bill. The initial investment for these fans starts anywhere from 400 dollars and can range all the way to 1500 dollars for the top of the line Superfans. The installation for these fans can take anywhere from 8-16 man-hours and there are even videos available on YouTube that show how to install them.

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